The Board of Directors


James Blank - Husband/Father/Awana Worker/Choir Member/Sunday School Teacher

Purpose Statement: As a born again Christian I enjoy the grace and love of a personal Savior. I also have the responsibility to live in such a way as to glorify God and show the lost, the love God has for them. Part of this relationship includes a life of ministry to Christ, fulfilled in service to others. The most powerful impact I can make on the lost is when I combine a Godly life with a loving witness.


Emma Blank - Wife/Mother/Sunday School Teacher/Choir Member/Awana Worker

Purpose Statement: As a born again believer, I believe my objective in life is to glorify God in all that I say and do. Although that is impossible in myself, with God's help I try to be the best wife, mother and Christian that I can. I believe that the best and most significant impact I have is on my family. Thus, God's purpose for my life is fulfilled in serving them.


Jeff Weichman - Husband/Father/Owner & Operator of a Home Inspection Business

Purpose statement: My goal is to be conformed daily to the image of Jesus Christ. I desire to have eyes that see the abilities in people that are valuable but not recognized by our culture as valuable. Then be able to show individuals as well as those around us the values of these unrecognized abilities. My hope is that I can meet these goals without trying to glorify myself, or those around me but only the God of the Holy Scriptures.


Donna Weichman - Wife/Mother/Physical Therapist with a Master’s Degree in Biblical Counseling

Purpose Statement : To use the skills and knowledge I have been given through education, life experience and learning about God, to affect others (including future generations.) The end purpose of this goal is the worship of God.


Mark Brunner - Husband/Father/Camp Director/Home School Teacher/Volunteer Fire Fighter and EMT

Purpose Statement: My goal is to glorify God through my actions, words and my desire to work with children and their families. I also want to fulfill God's great commission by using my God given ability to serve His perfect will and to try to follow the examples set forth by my personal savior, Jesus Christ.


Kimberly Brunner - Wife/Mother/Home School Teacher/Camp Secretary and Treasurer/Camp Program Developer

Purpose Statement: My desire is to serve the Lord with joy and to impact people's lives by demonstrating as much of a reflection of Christ's love as is humanly possible. I feel privileged to play a part in the leadership and management of Upon The Rock Christian Camp. It is a blessing that God has given my husband and I a mutual vision of helping people know God and His principles.