Welcome To Upon The Rock!


Upon the Rock is a Christian Camp for kids and families. Our goal is to reflect the Glory of Jesus Christ by sharing His Good News with the lost, while providing the opportunity and the tools for the saved to develop a deeper relationship with their Savior.


This non-profit organization is Christ-centered, and is not affiliated with any particular denomination because our goal is to minister to anyone who desires to develop a relationship with Jesus Christ.


Upon The Rock is needed because the pressures of society are causing people to forget their "first love." With the hurry-scurry of life, God is pushed further and further away in the lives of children and adults. Upon the Rock provides a setting and a program, which helps participants to focus on what is truly important.


For the past eighteen summers, we have rented a facility for our elementary and junior camp programs. This time of renting a facility has made it possible to develop our program operation skills, but more importantly, God has used the last eighteen years of camp to show His faithfulness, and to make Himself and His Word real to the campers and the staff.


Work on the property continues here in beautiful La Veta, Colorado. We started clearing the new water well site and hope to drill again this spring. Currently, the first phase of the Capital Campaign is completed for the Cornerstone Lodge and we are anxious to get the project started. These are exciting times for Upon The Rock, and our prayer is that you will choose to be part of this ministry in some way.


Serving Christ Wholeheartedly,

Mark and Kim Brunner

Founders of Upon the Rock